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When the pandemic hit in early 2020 the number of homes available for sale dropped dramatically. Then, despite all the uncertainties, the real estate market took off. Buyer demand, fueled by unprecedented low interest rates, was through the roof. Because of the low inventory levels, homes sold quickly and multiple offers, over asking price, were common. This perfect storm of low inventory, low interest rates, and intense buyer demand, generated two-years of double-digit home price appreciation. If you owned a home during this time, your home equity likely increased by 10-30%.


Fast forward to 2024 – and things have changed dramatically. Inventory levels are still at about 50% of normal but higher interest rates have limited buyers purchasing power and slowed the market. Technically, we are still in a sellers’ market due to low inventory levels but the days of multiple offers, well over asking price, are fading fast. The market has shifted and we are trending back to normal.


If you’re curious about your home value or are thinking about relocating in the next couple years, The SkyBlue Portland Team can help. Advanced planning is the key to a smooth transition. Let’s get together, either online or in person, to discuss your concerns, objectives, and timelines.


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Even though the market has shifted, some sellers are worried they may not be able to find their next home before they sell their current home. This is a valid concern and we have proven strategies that make it possible for you to sell your your current home for top dollar and at the same time find a new home better suited to your needs. Click the button to learn more.

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Meet The SkyBlue Portland Real Estate Team

James Bradley

James Bradley

Principal Broker

Licensed in OR and WA.

Rachel Bradley

Rachel Bradley

Principal Broker

Licensed in OR

Susan Bradley

Susan Bradley

Marketing Director

Community Outreach


If thinking of making a move in the next few years … now is the time to conduct a preliminary strategy session. During this session we’ll complete a Professional Equity Assessment to determine how much equity have in your home today. Next, we walk through the home to determine what (if any) repairs need to be completed before going on the market. Then, we review the selling process including , staging options, market timing, marketing, pricing strategies, and defining the terms of sale that will work best for you. Finally, we’ll discuss what you’re looking for in your next home. 

If you decide you’d like to move forward we’ll build a transition plan that meets your goals. Our Sell-Buy Plan provides you with a roadmap to get your current house sold and secure your next home without being “homeless” during the transition.

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