Lake Shore Neighborhood Guide

Welcome to Vancouver Washington’s beautiful Lake Shore Neighborhood. In this guide you’ll find a wealth of information on this popular lakeside community, including history, location, home styles, affordability, shopping, entertainment, parks, trails, schools, and community activities. 

Map of Lake Shore Neighborhood

The Lake Shore neighborhood is in Vancouver, Washington (and thus part of Portland Metro, along with Portland, Oregon and 23 other cities – from the Columbia River in the north to the bend of the Willamette River near Wilsonville, and from the foothills of the Coast Range near Forest Grove to the banks of the Sandy River at Troutdale).

The neighborhood nestles along and above the eastern shore of Vancouver Lake and is known for its natural beauty and recreational opportunities. It’s bordered to the north by Felida, to the east by Starcrest and Hazel-Dell North and to the south by Hazel Dell. 

For easy visual reference, here’s a link to the Lake Shore Boundary Map above

Nestled along the shores of beautiful Vancouver Lake, the Lake shore neighborhood is a highly sought-after residential area that offers a variety of benefits to residents. With easy access to major highways and public transportation, excellent schools, and a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities, the Lake Shore neighborhood is the perfect place to call home for families, young professionals, and retirees alike. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top reasons why residents love living in Lake Shore 


The Lake Shore neighborhood was developed in the 1980s and 1990s. Its name comes from its proximity to Vancouver Lake. The area was largely undeveloped prior to this time and was primarily used for agriculture. In the 1980s developers began to see the potential of the area and started building homes and apartments around Vancouver Lake. 

Over time, Lake Shore has grown into a vibrant and thriving community, with a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational amenities. The area continues to attract new residents and businesses thanks in part to its natural beauty, convenient location, and a strong sense of community.

Today, the Lake Shore neighborhood is one of the most desirable places to live in Vancouver and continues to be a popular destination for families, retirees, and young professionals alike. 

Location and Accessibility  

One of the key benefits of living in Lake Shore is location-location-location. The neighborhood is near several major highways, including I-5, I-205, and SR-500. Making it easy for residents to get around all of Vancouver and beyond. The neighborhood is also served by several public transportation options, including C-Tran bus routes and the Vancouver Amtrak station, which offers service to several major cities in the Pacific Northwest. 

In addition to its convenient location, the Lake Shore neighborhood is also home to several commercial areas, including nearby Vancouver Mall, which offers a variety of shopping and dining options. There are also several grocery stores, banks, and other services located within a short drive from the neighborhood, making it easy for residents to take care of everyday needs. 

Home Styles 

Lake Shore Home 2

Lake Shore is a primarily residential neighborhood, with a mix of single-family homes and apartments.  

Lake Shore Home 4

The area is popular with families and retirees who enjoy the peaceful setting and access to a wide range of outdoor activities. Many of the homes in the neighborhood are newer, with a mix of modern and traditional styles. And if you’re looking for a spectacular, sky-high water view, this neighborhood has it. 

Lake Shore Home 5

The community includes a variety of home styles, from classic ranch-style homes to contemporary designs. Some of the most common home styles in the area include: 

Ranch-style: These one-story homes are characterized by their long, low profile and simple, functional design. Ranch-style homes are a popular choice in the Lake Shore neighborhood due to their affordability and easy maintenance. 

Split-level: Split-level homes are a common sight in the Lake Shore neighborhood and feature multiple levels of living space. Typically, these homes have an open floor plan and often include a lower-level family room or entertainment space. 

Traditional two-story: Two-story homes are a popular choice for families in the Lake Shore neighborhood, as they provide plenty of space for growing families. Many of these homes feature traditional design elements, such as gabled roofs, dormer windows, and front porches. 

Craftsman-style: Craftsman-style homes are a classic American architectural style that feature natural materials, such as wood and stone, and intricate details like exposed rafters and decorative brackets. Many homes in the Lake Shore neighborhood feature Craftsman-style design elements. 

Contemporary: In recent years, contemporary-style homes have become increasingly popular in the Lake Shore neighborhood. These homes often feature clean lines, large windows, and minimalist design elements. 

With this diverse range of home styles, there’s a perfect home for every taste and budget in Lake Shore. 


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Shops | Restaurants | Entertainment 

Uptown Village approximately 5 miles south of Lake Shore Neighborhood

Lake Shore is conveniently located near numerous shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Nearby Felida and Hazel Dell neighborhoods offer a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, shops, and markets while downtown Vancouver is just a short drive away with its newly developed waterfront park and lively downtown with dozens of upscale restaurants, local wineries, coffee roasters, and vibrant arts and culture scene. 

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The Outdoor Life 

One of the biggest draws of the Lake Shore neighborhood is its abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities. The neighborhood is situated near several natural areas, including Vancouver Lake Regional Park and Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway Trail, both of which offer miles of scenic walking, jogging, and biking paths. 

For those who enjoy boating and water sports, Lake Shore is home to several marinas and boat launches, including nearby Vancouver Lake Regional Park Pond, Salmon Creek Regional Park/Klineline Pond, and Frenchman’s Bar Regional Park. All parks offer easy access to the Columbia River, as well as ample opportunities for boating, fishing, and swimming. 

Another popular attraction in the area is Vancouver Lake Crew, a rowing and paddling club that offers programs for all ages and skill levels. The club has a boathouse on the lake and hosts regattas throughout the year. 


Vancouver Lake Regional Park 

Lake Vancouver 3 1

One of the highlights of the Lake Shore neighborhood is nearby Vancouver Lake Regional Park, which stretches 2.5 miles along the western shore of the lake. The 190-acre regional park features 35 developed acres for picnicking, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, and sand volleyball. Walking and biking trails also wind through the park, with scenic views of the lake.  

Lake Vancouver

Vancouver Lake Regional Park with its sandy beach, fishing pier, and picnic areas is a popular destination for Lake Shore residents. The park also offers several hiking trails that wind through the surrounding wetlands, providing visitors with an opportunity to see a variety of wildlife, including eagles, osprey, and beavers. 

Frenchman’s Bar Regional Park 

Frenchman’s Bar Regional Park is a popular spot for picnics and outdoor activities, with a beach area, boat launch, and fishing opportunities. Located on the western side of Vancouver Lake and the eastern bank of the Columbia River, the park encompasses approximately 120 acres and offers a range of recreational amenities for visitors to enjoy. One of the main attractions at Frenchman’s Bar Park is the beach, which is a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing during the summer months. The beach is sandy and wide and offers stunning views of the Columbia River and surrounding mountains. 

In addition to the beach, Frenchman’s Bar Park offers picnic areas, playgrounds, and walking trails. There are also several boat launches in the park, making it a popular spot for boating and fishing. 

One of the highlights of Frenchman’s Bar Park is the Columbia River Renaissance Trail, which runs through the park and offers scenic views of the river and the surrounding natural areas. The trail is approximately 5 miles long and is suitable for walking, running, and biking. 

Frenchman’s Bar Park is open year-round. Whether you’re looking for a scenic spot to take a walk, a place to go swimming or boating, or a playground for your kids, Frenchman’s Bar Park has something to offer. 

Dog-Friendly Parks 

Vancouver, Washington is a dog-friendly community with several good options for humans and their furry buddies to enjoy the outdoors together. 

Dakota Memorial Dog Park  

This off-leash dog park is located just a short drive from the Lake Shore neighborhood. It features separate areas for small and large dogs, as well as agility equipment, water fountains, and shaded seating areas. 

Frenchman’s Bar Park 

While not specifically a dog park, this popular park on the Columbia River offers a designated off-leash area for dogs. The park also has picnic areas, a beach area, and a boat launch. 

Burnt Bridge Creek Trail 

This popular trail runs through the nearby Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway and offers a scenic walking and biking route for people and their dogs. Dogs must be leashed on the trail, but there are several natural areas where they can explore and play off-leash. 


Burnt Bridge Creek Trail (8 miles) 

Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway Trailhead 2 miles south of Lake Shore Neighborhood

Burnt Bridge Creek Trail is a popular walking, running, and biking trail in Vancouver, WA that runs through the Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway. The trail is about 8 miles long and offers a scenic route through several natural areas and neighborhoods in the Vancouver area. 

Burnt Creek Trail

The Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway is a 5.5-mile linear park that follows Burnt Bridge Creek and includes several parks, natural areas, and recreational facilities. The trail itself is a paved multi-use path, suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Along the way, you’ll pass through several different natural areas, including wetlands, meadows, and forests, and you’ll have the opportunity to see a wide variety of plants and wildlife. 

Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway Trail 1

Burnt Creek Trail Head

One of the highlights of the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail is the Burnt Bridge Creek Trailhead, located near the intersection of NE Andresen Road and NE Burton Road. The trailhead features parking, restrooms, and a picnic area, as well as access to the trail itself. From here, you can head east or west along the trail, exploring different natural areas and neighborhoods along the way. 

Salmon Creek Greenway Trail & Klineline Pond (3 miles) 

Salmon Creek Trail Head

Salmon Creek Greenway Trail is a beautiful and popular trail in Vancouver, WA. The trail is approximately 3 miles long and runs through a scenic natural area along Salmon Creek. 

Salmon Creek Greenway Trail  The trail is a paved multi-use path suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Along the way, you’ll pass through several different natural areas, including wetlands, forests, and meadows where you’ll see a wide variety of plants and wildlife. 

View from Salmon Creek Trail

One of the main attractions along the Salmon Creek Greenway Trail is Klineline Pond, which is a popular spot for fishing and picnicking. The pond is stocked with trout and catfish and is surrounded by a large grassy area with picnic tables and other amenities. There’s also a playground nearby, making it a popular spot for families with young children. 

View from Salmon Creek Trail 2

In addition to Klineline Pond, Salmon Creek Greenway Trail offers several other recreational amenities, including access to the Salmon Creek Sports Complex, which features several soccer fields, a playground, and restroom facilities. 

Overall, the Salmon Creek Greenway Trail is a great way to get outside and enjoy the natural beauty of Greater Vancouver. Whether you’re looking for a scenic spot for a leisurely walk, a place to go fishing, or a playground for your kids, this popular destination has something to offer 

Vancouver Waterfront Trail 

Vancouver Waterfront Park Sign

The newly reimaged and improved Vancouver Waterfront Trail links the vibrant Vancouver waterfront to Beaches Restaurant, two miles to the east along the Columbia River. Breathtaking views the entire way. 

 Columbia River Renaissance Trail (5 miles) 

The Columbia River Renaissance Trail connects Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver to Wintler Park along a paved 5-mile riverfront trail perfect for walking, jogging, biking or rollerblading. With gorgeous views of the I-5 and I-205 bridges and Mount Hood, this trail is a West Vancouver stunner. 

The Water Resources Education Center lies along the trail, as do the Old Apple Tree, Marine Park, Kaiser Viewing Tower and Shipyards, and Tidewater Cove. Along the route are shops, restaurants and great places to picnic, play or just enjoy the view. 


Education is a priority in the Lake Shore community, with several highly rated public and private schools serving students from preschool through high school. The neighborhood is part of the Vancouver School District, which has a reputation for academic excellence and offers a range of programs to meet the needs of students with diverse interests and abilities. 

The Lake Shore neighborhood is served by the Vancouver School District, which is known for its high-quality education and commitment to student success. There are several public and private schools located in and around the neighborhood, offering a range of educational opportunities for students of all ages. 

The public schools in the area include Lake Shore Elementary School, Jefferson Middle School, and Columbia River High School. Lake Shore Elementary is highly rated and serves students from kindergarten through fifth grade, while Jefferson Middle School and Columbia River High School serve students in grades 6-8 and 9-12, respectively. 

In addition to public schools, there are also several private schools in the area, including Vancouver Christian School and Cornerstone Christian Academy. These schools offer a faith-based education and focus on character development as well as academic excellence. 

The Vancouver School District has a strong commitment to student achievement and offers a range of programs to meet the needs of students with diverse interests and abilities. The district has a strong focus on STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and math) and offers a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, drama, and clubs. 

Cultural & Community Activities 

Another benefit of living in the Lake Shore neighborhood is the strong sense of community and cultural diversity in the area. The neighborhood is home to several community organizations and cultural events throughout the year, including the popular Lake Shore Multicultural Fair and Parade, which celebrates the diversity of the neighborhood with food, music, and cultural performances. 

In addition to the multicultural fair, the neighborhood is also home to several other community events and activities. 

The Lake Shore neighborhood is also home to several community organizations, such as the Lake Shore Neighborhood Association, which works to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood by promoting safety, sustainability, and community involvement. Residents can get involved in the association and attend meetings to voice their concerns and suggestions for the neighborhood. 

In addition to community events, the Lake Shore neighborhood is also home to several cultural attractions, such as the Pearson Air Museum, which showcases the history of aviation in the Pacific Northwest. The museum features exhibits on early aviation pioneers, as well as displays of historic aircraft and engines. 

For those who enjoy the arts, the nearby Kiggins Theatre is a popular destination for movie lovers and live performances. The theater is housed in a historic building and features a wide range of films, as well as live theater performances and concerts. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Lake Shore neighborhood is an excellent place to live for those who are looking for a convenient, affordable, and community-oriented lifestyle. With its proximity to major highways and public transportation, excellent schools, and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to call this neighborhood home. 

Whether you’re a young professional, a growing family, or a retiree, the Lake Shore neighborhood has something to offer everyone. From its beautiful parks and trails to its strong sense of community and cultural diversity, it’s no wonder that Lake Shore is one of the best places to live in Vancouver, Washington. 

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