Neighbors Southwest Neighborhood Guide

Our Neighbors Southwest Neighborhood Guide explores the beautifully developed residential neighborhood at the far southwestern tip of Beaverton.

Murrayhill Lake

Murrayhill Pond in Neighbors Southwest

The neighborhood features a diagonal mesh of interconnected, heavily treed parks, trails, and ponds, making it imminently walkable and a favorite respite for nature lovers. In keeping with the nature spirit, most of the residential streets are named after birds. Who wouldn’t love to live on Snowy Owl Lane?

Neighbors Southwest Google Map

Map of Neighbors Southwest, Beaverton, Oregon

A series of residential cul-de-sacs provide community, privacy, safety, and noise abatement.

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Neighbors Southwest Beaverton OR

The Streets of Neighbors Southwest

Home Styles

Executive Style Homes in Neighbors Southwest

Executive-Style Homes in Neighbors Southwest

The median year for homes built in Neighbors Southwest is 1994, the second most recent for all Beaverton neighborhoods, just behind Sexton Mountain (1995). Thus, newer construction in builder-planned communities is the norm.

Most Beaverton homes don’t fit easily into a historical architectural style. Perhaps with a perspective of another 100 years, they might be labeled Suburban Traditional.

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But planned communities have distinct advantages. In Neighbors Southwest, you’ll see clusters of harmonious residences, designed for a variety of lifestyles and budgets (single family, townhouse, condominium, apartment) with parks, greenways, homeowners associations, and proximity to major services, schools, churches, shopping, and recreational facilities.

Homes in Neighbors Southwest Beaverton Oregon

Country-Style Homes in Neighbors Southwest

Beaverton has a prime example of this type of community in the Oak Hills Historic District. Here’s an excerpt from an article titled, Oak Hills Historic District, Beaverton, Oregon:

Located in Beaverton, Oregon, the Oak Hills National Register Historic District encompasses approximately 240 acres and consists of a single, master-planned that includes 627 single-family, detached homes, 24 townhouse units in the state’s first FHA-insured townhouse development, an elementary school, a church, a former sewage plant building, a community recreation center, an entrance sign, and two parks. The district’s cohesively designed setting is characterized by a curvilinear road network, single-family residential clusters, townhouse blocks, as well as a centrally located park that includes passive open space, recreational fields, and pedestrian walkways. The individual houses feature a diversified but intentionally limited set of design schemes. A majority of the houses were constructed between 1965 and 1974. A cluster of five lots was subdivided and developed in 1978 and an additional cluster of 27 lots was developed between 1994 and 1995.”

Parks | Recreation

Neighbors Southwest is home to several lovely parks with access to nature, trails, swimming pools, tennis courts, toddler play parks, sports fields, picnic areas, trout fishing, and more.

Murrayhill Pond


Murrayhill Pond in Neighbors Southwest

This lovely man-made water feature, with surrounding paved path, is one of our favorite destinations in Beaverton. As far as we know, it doesn’t have an official name. We call it The Pond.

Murrayhill Recreation Association

Murrayhill Recreation Association

Murrayhill Recreation Association in Neighbors Southwest

The Murrayhill Recreation Association provides recreational facilities for dues-paying residents of 700 single-family homes within the Murrayhill subdivision. Facilities include a clubhouse, three swimming pools, hot tub, children’s wading pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, t-ball field, horseshoe pits, picnic areas, and playground.

Barrows Park

Barrows Southwest Neighbors Southwest

Barrows Park in Neighbors Southwest

Barrows Park on the southern edge of Neighbors Southwest provides whimsical play structures created especially for the younger set.

Progress Lake Park

Progress Ridge Lake Collage

Progress Lake Park in Neighbors Southwest

Progress Lake Park provides an active water play and trout fishing destination, plus a tranquil view from Progress Ridge Townsquare.

Murray Hill Park


Murrayhill Park encompasses a long, narrow stretch of parkland, including a lovely wooded trail that diagonally bisects the northern reaches of Neighbors Southwest. Nature lovers, bird watchers, walkers, runners, and cyclists love this park. The park features tennis courts, picnic benches, and a toddler playground.

Coffee & Sweets

One of the things we consistently see on clients’ preferred lifestyle lists is proximity to great coffee shops and bakeries. Well HELLO Neighbors Southwest.

Ava Roasteria

Ava Roasteria Neighbors Southwest Beaverton

Ava Roasteria in Progress Ridge Townsquare

We could hang out for hours at Ava’s, and many folks do just that–socializing, working online, studying, reading. The location overlooking Progress Quarry Lake is a plus. Add house-roasted coffee and house-made pastries, and you’ll understand why Ava’s is always packed with locals.

Dining & Noshing

When we think of the Portland suburbs, we don’t always think great food. But Beaverton, and Southwest Neighbors especially, breaks the suburban stereotype. Excellent dining options abound.

Cafe Murrayhill


The Deck at Cafe Murrayhill

There’s no place we’d rather be on a fine weekend morning than on the deck overlooking the lovely pond at Cafe Murrayhill. Whether brunch or lunch, it’s always tasty. And we burn off the calories afterward with a jaunt around the park.

The Ridge Woodfired Pizza & Pub


The Ridge Woodfired Pizza & Pub in Progress Ridge Townsquare

You’ll find an extensive menu at The Ridge, but the woodfired pizza is the star. Seriously good.

Casa Lola Kitchen de Mexico

Casa Lola Neighbors Southwest Beaverton

Casa Lola Kitchen de Mexico in Murray Scholls Marketplace

The authentic cuisine of Central Mexico in the heart of Neighbors Southwest. Tip: Order the Pozole.



Vinotopia at Progress Ridge Townsquare

Dinner and a movie? This is the place. Grab your tickets at Cinetopia on the way in and enjoy a fireside nosh before the movie.

Farmers Market

Beaverton Winter Farmers Market

The Beaverton Farmers Market, held year-round in downtown Beaverton,  serves all Beaverton neighborhoods. It’s one of our favorite Portland Metro markets.

Grocery Stores

Neighbors Southwest has a good selection of grocery stores for a neighborhood its size.

Community Centers

Community Gardens

Neighbors Southwest By the Numbers (2010)

For statistical information on Neighbors Southwest, see the Neighbors Southwest Neighborhood Census Profile.

Beaverton Neighborhood Maps

Beaverton Neighborhood Map Resized 1

Beaverton Neighborhood Association Boundary Map

Neighborhood Associations

Public Schools

County | Zip Codes

Beaverton History

Neighborhood Statistics & Facts

Local Newspaper

In the News

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